ArcticBoy's Present and Past American Motors Cars

My current AMC. 1967 American 220 Sedan .
3spd 232 power steering black and white interior. Originally from Montana

Here's the Progress on My Restoration of My 67 American

These pictures of my car are from about 1989



My Fathers maroon 1983 Concord beside

See My 2001 Jeep Wrangler Page

Spring 2002
I got a 1988 AMC Eagle, Last Year for AMC Cars

The first Rambler that I ever rode in.
I was on my way home from the hospital a few days after being born.
It's a pink and white 1960 Rambler Cross Country Wagon. Still our all time family favorite car.


We owned this nice little 1966 American from 1985 through 1997. It was our daily driver and ran like a champ. The Massachusetts road salt finally got the best of it. Imagine that, it took 31 years of road salt to rot it out. This photo is from 1987.

I owned this 1970 AMX from 1980-1985 (390 4 speed). My sister Janice loved to drive it. When she got the speedometer stuck at 140 miles per hour racing a Camaro on the highway, that is when we decided to sell it. I had to unscrew the cable from the speedometer to get the needle to drop back to zero. By the way, the Camaro was left about 5 miles behind her. That's my 1969 Javelin sst in the left picture and my fathers 1972 Matador wagon in the right picture.



I owned this great 1970 Rebel SST from 1985-1990


This car was named Esther (68 Ambassador 880). I drove it for a long time. It's a very plain Ambassador-232 6cyl, no power steering, no power brakes. Picture looks blue, but it was faded light metalic turquios w/ 2 tone turquios interior.

My 1968 Ambassador 880 came from BackBay Rambler in Boston

My 1968 Ambassador 880 is in background center

The Flamming Moe...I bought this car off of a guy who went to trade school. This was his senior project...he passed.

I bought and sold this 1968 Rebel sst 290 as a parts car. It had really low miles , but the owner worked for the D.P.W and drove through the sand/salt yard everyday, so it was really rotted underneath. I understand the Motor lives on. My mothers 1978 Grey Concord D/L next to it.

My friend Brian had these 1973 Gremlins during the 1980's. The blue GremlinX had the Levis interior. The Camouflage Gremlin was a head turner. When he first got it, it had the army Jeep stars painted on the doors and army lettering on the front fenders and snow tires all around...he toned it down a bit. He paid next to nothing for both of these Gremlins, even though they were old and a bit tired, they served him well. These Gremlins converted him to an AMC appreciator.


My sister Pam and Husband Jeff's 62 American that they had in California in the 70s


This is the air cleaner sticker off of the 1966 American. The American Motors designed in-line six cylinder (a very modern design originally introduced in 1964) is quite possibly the best American Engine ever built!! It was available over the years in a 199, 232, 258, and is still in use by Chrysler in Jeeps as a 242...34 years later.


AMC's that my family have owned

AMC's that I have owned




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