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1949 Ambassador


1970 Ambassador


1960 Rambler Police Cars (courtesy AMCRC Rambler Reader)


Los Angeles Police ordered 543 Matador Police cars (all with 401's) in 1972. These became famous on the TV show Adam-12.

Adam 12 TV Guide Cover




View from the bad guys back window....


...he went over the cliff...repeat...over the cliff...

1972 Police Certified speedometer (car has only 659 miles on it)

1972 matador Police interior

VW bus gets pulled over...Why's the man always hassling me?

Retired Matador police car (photo courtesy eddie stakes planet houston amx)


1963 Ambassador Police Car



1965 Ambassador Police Car

1965 Classic Wagon Police Car


Freetown, Massachusetts 1975 Pacer D.A.R.E. Police car
(special thanks to D.A.R.E. Officer Scott Rose) Click for more info



Dukes of Hazard Matador Police Car (courtesy of Aaron)



Metropolitan Police Cars

I have some Met Light sets for sale on my Toys For Sale Page



Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Police Met

Fairlawn, New Jersey mayor testing the new 1959 Met police car



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