The Gremlin Grembin Page 8

Gremlin Clips From Funny KIA TV Ad





1973 Levis Gremlin Press Photo


1972 Free Sunroof Press Photo


1970 AMC Sponsored a Bill Cosby Special (courtesy AMO American Motoring)


The first 1970 Gremlins in Chelsea, Massachusetts
waiting to go to the introduction ride from the airport. See more picts
(courtesy Ken Siroonian)


Gremlin on postage meter stamp from AMC envelope
(courtesy Ken Siroonian)

Murray County, GA Resque1 Gremlin

From North Georgia the White truck in the pic with the Gremlin is our new Rescue One and we took the Gremlin out of service to put everything back like it was when it was new then we put it back in service. As far as i know this is the only one of its kind left. We have all the orginal stuff that come with it right down to the medical jump kit bag. We have had many people come to just see the Gremlin.
(courtesy Chris Owens)


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