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1968 (first year) base model Javelin.


1969 Big Bad Orange Javelin studio picture.



1968 Grant magazine ad.


1970 red white and blue Mark Donahue Trans Am Javelin from dealership brochure

Javelin made for Trans-American Racing (looks like a 69) it's in a 1970 brochure



1968 Postcard


1968 390 Javelin built by Randall dealership in Mesa, AZ.


1973 Pierre Cardin designed Javelin Interior

Pierre Cardin Javelin magazine ad


1968 Javelin in Sebring Trans Am Race...ahead of a Mustang.


AM 8-Track Radio

Factory AMC 8-Track tape (courtesy eddie stakes)


1970 Trans-Am race pit stop. Javelins in front of and behind a Mustang.

More 1968-1970 Live action Trans Am Race shots.






1972 brochure


1973 Rears


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