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1973 Javelin and JavelinAMX Press Release


Billboard Art (courtesy amcrc)


Javelin at beginning of CHIPS Tv Show


From 1972 Brochure


1968 Javelin Mustang Comparison


Craig Breedlove's original 343-2 Bonneville Speed Spectacular Car
Owned by Rick Francis Photo by Shane Hughes. See more Photos


1974 Press Release


1970 Poster


1969 ad for a Javelin that was built up by Car Life Magazine
courtesy steve owens


The Karmann Javelin was built by American Motors,
and the final fit and finishing was done by Karmann in Germany.
They were for sale in the European Market (courtesy Alex Beyers)
See More Karmann Javelin Pictures


1968 Javelin SST


1969 SST with Rally Stripes


1970 Magazine Ad


1969 Trans Am Javelin


1969 Ad


1969 Ad


Trans Am Javelins Riding Close Together



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