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It's a Matador!!!
AMC ran tv ads with Matadors driving around town.
People would scratch their heads, and ask, "What kind of car is that?"
Someone would reply, "It's a Matador".
The first person would ask, "What's a Matador?"

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Matadors were made from 1971-1978.

1974 Matador Coupe ad.

1971 Nascar Matador



1973 Matador sedan ad

1974 magazine ad

1971 RWB Matador race car getting into a pile up.

1971 RWB Matador prep.

Bobby Allison's Matador.



Cool AMC pants worn by Bobby Alison's pit crew (in victory lane).

1975 coffin nosed Matador from sales brochure.

More 1974 Bug Eyed Matador Coupes.

From 1975 brochure. MatadorX

Oleg Cassini designed Matador interior and exterior had copper trim accents (like around the headlight trim and grill). See the Javelin interior designed by Pierre Cardin, or the Hornet interior designed by Gucci, or the Gremlin interior designed by Levis


Man with the Golden Gun's Matador Coupe converts to a plane.


1974-78 style Matador Coupe from Colorado driving booklet. (courtesy Dan Moudlin)

Nice write up on the 77 Matador wagon. It basically says that it's a shame that it isn't the best known full-size American wagon,
as it is by far the best.

1974 Matador Coupe Road Test
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