ArcticBoy's AMC
Toys for Sale

Many people Email me and ask if I have any AMC toys for sale.
I have a few extras in my collection.
All are about 1/64th scale (unless otherwise noted) hard to
find limited additions in packages. Prices plus shipping.

Email Me if see anything you like

I have some Metropolitan Party Lights in Stock

Javelins from Johnny Lightning (only have a couple of each) $15 each



Rebel Machines from Johnny Lightning
(Gold, Silver, Burnt Orange/Black, and Red) $12 each

Rebel with Blower $10


Rebel Machine with Red, White, and Blue
Paint like original paint by AMC $20 each


AMC SC/Ramblers

Ken Rose drag car paint scheme $10 each

AMC SC/Ramblers with original
stock A (Red sides) or B paint Schemes $20 each


Red, White, and Blue 69 AMX/SS
(super stock factory drag car) Shirly Shahan's" Drag On Lady"
$25 only have 1 of these

69 red or 68 green AMX's $10 each

Racing Champions Wrestling
Diamond Dallas Page Custom AMX $10 each

Wild Child AMX Drag car $15 each


The "Rumbler" Customized 1960 Rambler Americans Green and black and blue and black $10 Each

The "Rumbler" in red and black $12 each or Turquiose


Racing Champions 1977 AMC Pacers $12 each

Street Wheels sets w/ Casper The Friendly Ghost Pumpkin Pacer,
set w/ Jolly Jester Pacer, or Scooby Doo Set with Shaggy Pacer $12 each


Hot Wheels
Big Bad Green AMX and Plymouth GTX set with hard plastic case $30 only have 1

AMC Racing Champions Big Bad Orange
and Big Bad Green AMX's $10 each


NWO Kevin Nash Red, Black, and Silver AMX $25 each
This is a 2 car set. The other car is a Diamond Dallas Page 40's Ford


1 of 2,499 RWB AMC AMX's 1/24th Scale (about 8 inches long)
diecast car. One of the best AMC toys ever! $50 (only have one to sell)

Bobby Allison's AMC Nascar Matador Coupe model kit


Metropolitan Party Lights. Cool!
$20 per set or 2 or more sets for $15 ea
12 foot set includes:
5 Mets, 5 Trailers, a spare bulb, a flasher bulb,and
a female plug to add on another set (can have up to 3 sets strung together).



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