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Murray County, GA Rescue 1 Gremlin

From North Georgia the White truck in the pic with the Gremlin is our new Rescue One and we took the Gremlin out of service to put everything back like it was when it was new then we put it back in service. As far as i know this is the only one of its kind left. We have all the orginal stuff that come with it right down to the medical jump kit bag. We have had many people come to just see the Gremlin.
(courtesy Chris Owens)

GhostBusters Pacer?? (Someone's PhotoShop fun)

Eagle Cartoon Art

1967 Ambassador 880 Yellow Jackets (courtesy tom benvie)

AMC isn't the only one that took a Concord body and made 4WD car.


Iranian Rambler Story From Kamyar Etezadi

I was born in Iran and grew up with a Rambler American. I learned how to drivewith it, and I drove it all the time as I was living there. I thought you will be glad to hear from some totally different corner of the World about Rambler.

#1: me, my brother, and the two sisters, 1965 ( I am the guy in red jacket!)
#2: me and a aunt of mine, 1970? ... 1971?
#3: A pick nick near the caspian see, me in the front, our Rambler and back behind an Aria, the Rambler whichwas assembled in Iran. 1975?

... and the Rambler is still running! ... my father (83) is still driving with it!

Pacer Cake
(photo courtesy eddie stakes)

Always workin' on it

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