Arcticboy's AMC Television Clips

I clipped these stills with my old work horse Mac 6100AV
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Gremlins (from The Simpson's).

Mystery Men Rambler Rebel 58/59wagon
More Mystery Men Rambler shots

The 1950's SuperMan TV series used lots of Nashes
More SuperMan Shots

Clark Kent's Nash Healy

Lois Lane's Nash Rambler

1967 Ambassador 880 (from Emergency)

1972 Matador fire-chief car (behind truck)

1968 Trans Am Javelin

1970 Javelin and Mustang Trans Am Race

John Denver's Oh God Pacer
See more of Oh God's Pacer

1974 James Bond Hornet (from Man with the Golden Gun)

Pacer from Good Burger

Waynes World Pacer

Pacer and Matador chase (from Rockford files)

Rockford gets pulled over by the Matador Police



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