What's it all about?

I set up this site because I have been an American Motors enthusiast for many years. My original site went up in 1998.

This is some of my large collection of vintage American Motors Advertising Graphics. I also have some neat AMC Computer Goodies (wallpaper, screensavers, sounds, etc). Cool stuff from a long time fan!!!

I tried to mix up each page to keep it interesting and aesthetically pleasing. There are tons of great vintage ads throughout the site.

Special thanks to all of the AMC fans who have sent me all the cool stuff.

I hope you like it.

Keeping the Spirit of AMC Alive!

Hello folks,

My site has been woefully neglected a bit over the years. I had twin girls in 2002, and I work a lot, so time for my AMC site is tough these days. I do still love the cars, and do try to make it to the New England area shows every year.

Bob Wilson - aka ArcticBoy Oct 2014

**Recent AMC Show/Meet Pictures**

I organized all of the AMC-Rambler car show photos that I took over the years onto one page!

I retired my arcticboy at arcticboy.com email You can still contact me at the link below


ArcticBoy's American Motors
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The AMCWPOTW is on Hiatus
Bob Wilson (aka ArcticBoy)
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