The 4 Seasons Rambler Club of New England is dedicated to the preservation and
restoration of American Motors automobiles.

- New 2014 Show Photos -

The Rambler Regional for 2014 was also the host of the national AMC Rambler Club show this year.
For 2014, I shot the whole show on 5 50s thru 60s Kodak Brownies.
The Brownie Flash 20 (light blue model), Brownie Twin 20, Brownie Relfex 20 (all 120 film),
Brownie Starflex(127 film), and the Brownie Fiesta (127 film).
Unfortunately, the Starflex that I used has a sticky shutter (I have 2, just grabbed the wrong one), so the photos are whacky.

I also shot a bunch of 110 film photos on the late 70s Kodak Ektra 600.

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